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At a time when jazz music isn’t scene, heard, or played on the major media and radio outlets, the music continues to struggle for an outlet to be exposed other than the traditional jazz clubs and festivals that cater to the artists and musicians. As a true and original art form that hailed from the [...]

Interview – US3

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20 Apr 2012

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These days many record labels, artists and even radio-stations offer free music on their websites, either as video clips, mp3 files or in other download formats for promotional purposes, but finding the best stuff is often very difficult.

Here we offer some help for music-lovers: We search the web for the finest and free music videos available. We only feature legal music videos where the source can be easily identified and we only offer links to full-length, high quality files without any DRM-crap. We do not support or encourage the illegal duplication of copyrighted material or the distribution of illegal video format or any other digital music format.

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